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Shanille ERAES | Photography

Project | Final Project - Photography

Student | Shanille Eraes |

Course | CCAT4029 Photography

Assignment: A series of storytelling/sequential photography by applying elements of arts and principles of design, along with the composition technique learned in Lectures. The topic and theme are decided by the student, such as personal interests or life sharing. The message has to be clearly presented related to the promotion of interest/sharing. Students are suggested to select ONE famous photographer as a reference. Project includes

Introduction, content, conclusion, and reference. Clearly present the Topic & Theme, concept, shooting technique, use of elements of art, principles of design, and composition with the storytelling creation process.

License summary | The author (student) of the work owns the copyright. Please copy this link at the footer of your website, blog, or newsletter, or in the credits section (, or contact the student for attribution.


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