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Group Project | Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication

Final Project | Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign proposal for Sustainability Development Goal (SDG) #3 - Good Health and Well-Being | Mental Health in Hong Kong

Students in Group

  • Ava Chan

  • Summer Cheng

  • Peter Cheung

  • Ashley Fung

  • Zoe Ho

Course | BUS3003 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communication

Assignment | Design a Marketing proposal according to the selected topic for the Hong Kong market using an integrated marketing communication approach. Campaign to include in-depth research, pertinent theories, IMC technique, principles, analysis, arguments, evaluation, and recommendations. 3-minute microfilm will be produced as part of the IMC components.

License summary | The author (student) of the work owns the copyright. Please copy this link at the footer of your website, blog, or newsletter, or in the credits section (, or contact the student for attribution.


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