Miki Kan | LAC13741 Digital Media Communication

Project | A field trip to a film developing studio

Student | Miki Kan | https://www.linkedin.com/in/miki-wing-yi-kan-386371196/

Course | LAC13741 Digital Media Communication

Assignment | Student completes assigned in-class activities features and exercises demonstrating familiarity with computer software and design skills. Course intended learning outcome includes producing products with good typography, page layout, and design; using professional digital content production software for multi-platform output; explaining key design theories and concepts and their applications to digital media communications, encompassing public relations, advertising, marketing, branding, and promotion.

School | University of Wollongong College Hong Kong

Program | Associate of Art in Public Relations and Communication

License summary | The author (student) of the work owns the copyright. Please copy this link at the footer of your website, blog, or newsletter, or in the credits section (http://www.eugenieshek.com), or contact the student for attribution.
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