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MA Communication and New Media at the City University of Hong Kong

This video is about the MA Communication and New Media Program at the City University of Hong Kong. It is a taught programme that aims at providing an opportunity for students to conduct advanced research in communication studies and/or undertake creative projects in new media/media arts.

Introducing Master of Arts Communication and New Media

From Department of Media and Communication

At City University of Hong Kong

Title | MA Communication and New Media at the City University of Hong Kong

Duration | 04:25

Graduates from the programme are expected to become knowledgeable, skillful and innovative in planning, designing, producing, and evaluating communication projects embedded with new media technology

Established in 1998, the Master of Arts in Communication and Media program provides advanced training on human communication theories and cutting-edge media technologies for professionals working in the following fields: mass media, advertising, public relations, marketing, corporate communication, governmental or non-profit organizational communication, web and multimedia production and communication, mobile media and other communication-related sectors.


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