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Drag in Hong Kong | 2019

"Drag" is about dressing up in opposite sex, is another identity of a person - the performer. Being an international city, Hong Kong is however still not so open to this subculture which is actually a pop culture in foreign countries like the US.

This documentary aims to raise awareness and introduce this group of minorities and sub-culture in Hong Kong. People usually misunderstand drag or even disgust about drag, but drag is a kind of art, performance, and representation of gender fluidity.

The topics of sexual orientation and gender identity have been much discussed in recent times. Most Western societies are now much more open to homosexuality than in the past. Due to the growing visibility of different lifestyle concepts in social media, the idea of a flexible identity spectrum for sexuality and gender is becoming more popular.

In 2015, the word of the year selected by the American Dialect Society is a singular gender-neutral pronoun, "they". This version of "they" is the one that a person transgender or cisgender, can use when they don't feel like he or she fits quite right. "They" is getting used as a pronoun that people take for themselves to express gender fluidity or transgender identity. One subculture that fosters the development of gender fluidity in our society is Drag, wearing clothing of the opposite sex.

Title of the video | Drag in Hong Kong | 2019

Duration | 14:20

The documentary brings the audience to the world of drag by introducing the history of drag and its development over the years in western countries. Interestingly, there are also drag performers and TV programs in Hong Kong; yet the audience only treats those as entertainment.

To let the audience knows and learns more about drag in Hong Kong, a drag performer has been invited to share his works and life in Hong Kong, which he just lives like any of us, and drag to him is an art performance to express his opinions and attitudes towards any kind of social phenomenon.

Music List (Credit)

  • 120 Battements Par Minute[Text Wrapping Break](By Arnaud Rebotini)

  • Genius of Love[Text Wrapping Break](By Tom Tom Club)

  • Rather Be[Text Wrapping Break](By Clean Bandit/feat. Jess Glynne)

  • Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie[Text Wrapping Break](By Baccara)

  • I Am What I Am[Text Wrapping Break](By Gloria Gaynor)

  • The Stars in Spring[Text Wrapping Break](By Epic 45)

Clips List (Credit)

  • RuPaul Dressed for Success[Text Wrapping Break]

  • EXCERPT FROM 'SOME LIKE IT HOT"[Text Wrapping Break]

  • Geraldine and Jim Brown (Flip W) [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]

  • Uncle Miltie IS Auntie Mildred (short version)[Text Wrapping Break]

  • Dame Edna - Stand-up Comedy |[Text Wrapping Break]

  • 《乜太與李》:黨參爪子燉冬菇 [Text Wrapping Break]

  • 王祖藍扮全智賢 - 惡搞「肌研」廣告[Text Wrapping Break]

  • 羅嘉良經典重溫《先生貴性》- 鄧炳權扮女人 Diana隆重登場[Text Wrapping Break]

  • 超正!!! 王祖藍 模仿鄧紫棋《存在》 完整版


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