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Centum beHERO Charity Run 2014

A promotional video for Centum beHERO Charity Run 2014 百仁基金 beHERO 慈善跑 2014

About Centum beHERO Charity Run

The charity run aims to promote health through sports. Through donation of the entry fees to the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation, it will help to support the Federation’s work of sports development for the visually impaired; to help them integrate into society and face life positively. The beneficiaries can feel the support and care and the good intention of building a barrier-free and caring society for all.

A project at Magzila Limited (event management company) with Centum Charitas Foundation and HKBSF (Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation)

About Centum Charitas Foundation

Centum Charitas Foundation was registered and established in Hong Kong in 2008. It is a non-profit charitable organization founded by Dr. Li Jiajie, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of Henderson Land Development Group. The Bairen Fund brings together a group of young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. They are enthusiastic about public welfare and is committed to paying attention to the future development of Hong Kong youth.

  • Equipment

    • Lighting | three-point lighting | studio light kit (45W fluorescent light bulbs, fresnel with barn door, scoop, umbrella lights, black softbox.

    • Audio | Dynamic microphone, shotgun microphone (boom pole), wireless microphone

    • Video | Panasonic W850 Camcorder, professional tripod

  • Editing | Adobe Premiere Pro


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