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Colors of Hong Kong

Discrimination is always a global topic. Hong Kong, for being an international city with a mix

of cultures, are Hong Kong people really civilized about nationality, skin colors, and even jobs

of people living and working here? How is the life of different minority groups here? Are they

treated differently because of their races?

Every year, 60 million people travel to Hong Kong for different reasons. Some come for a vacation, some come for a short business trip, and some decided to stay and realized their dream. In this documentary, we will follow two non-Chinese persons who live in Hong Kong.

In this documentary, we will follow two non-Chinese persons who live in Hong Kong. One is a Filipino worker, Mayrel Winnig and one is an immigrant from Canada, Derrick Stone. Both of them them moved to Hong Kong to realize their dreams, and how different their lives could be?

Title of the video | Colors of Hong Kong

Duration | 15:27

Out of the 7-million population of Hong Kong, 92% is ethnic Chinese and 8% is of other non-Chinese groups. Among this non-Chinese population, half of them are Filipinos and Indonesians. When you go to popular neighborhoods like Central and Wan Chai on any Sunday, you will be guaranteed to see groups and groups of south-east Asian women gathering together on the streets.

Who are they? They are domestic helpers working for families in Hong Kong.

When you go up to the Soho area in Central where bars and restaurants cluster, you will see a very different scene - Westerners. Usually, Caucasians enjoy a cocktail and spend a good time with friends. To them, this area is where they can enjoy western living styles with affordable prices. These expatriates usually have a very decent job in Hong Kong and have a fairly good living standard.

No matter what color you are, what occupation you have and how much you own, you can always live a happy and rewarding life if you know what your goal is and work hard towards it.

In Hong Kong, a magical city loved by millions of people, people from all different kinds of background work hard every day to realize their dream and bring happiness to their loved ones.


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